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The Business Plan


As Georgia’s Chief Elections Officer, Secretary Kemp has implemented numerous e-government solutions for voters and established the state as a national model for election security.

Because of Kemp’s innovative leadership, Georgians can now register to vote online or update their information through the new Online Voter Registration System. In just a few short months, over 30,000 Georgians have already taken advantage of this cutting edge technology.

He also launched a new My Voter Page or “MVP” program that allows Georgians to view their sample ballot, find early voting locations and times, find their Election Day polling place, verify the status of their voter registration, and much more, all on their computers or mobile devices. Simply search for “GA Votes” in the app store for your Apple or Android device to find this nation-leading program.

Because of Brian Kemp's visionary and conservative leadership, Georgia is the first state in the nation to offer a mobile app that includes the convenience of the MVP program and online voter registration.

When Kemp took office as Secretary of State, Georgia’s voter registration system was decades old and costly to operate. To address this problem, Secretary Kemp successfully launched a new web based system for all 159 counties in Georgia. This e-government solution improved reliability and substantially cut costs.

Protecting our elections from fraud and criminal activity is a top priority for Secretary Kemp. He is a strong and vocal advocate for Voter ID laws requiring voters to show some form of identification to vote.

When the Obama Justice Department and liberals in Washington tried to undermine Kemp’s common sense election protection measures like the verification of citizenship of new registered voters, he sued them in federal court and won.

Secretary Kemp also implemented his Stop Voter Fraud website and Voter Fraud Hotline allowing citizens to report questionable election activities online or by phone. Additionally, Kemp’s Investigations Division increased its partnerships with state and local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute voter fraud.

Under Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s leadership, Georgia’s elections are secure, accessible and fair. Kemp continues his efforts every day to stop voter fraud and make it as easy as possible for all citizens to participate in the democratic process of choosing our leaders.


As a small business owner himself, Brian Kemp is very sensitive to how government red tape can hinder the growth and prosperity of Georgia’s businesses and the efforts of hardworking men and women in Georgia.

That’s why, as our Secretary of State, Brian Kemp has aggressively implemented fiscally conservative business principles and new technologies to help remove the government red tape and regulations that block economic recovery and job growth.

In December 2011, Kemp launched the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE) through his office’s Securities Division. The IGE gives Georgia businesses the ability to raise up to $1 million from Georgia residents in a public offering.

This new form of “crowdfunding” provides greater investment opportunities for Georgia citizens and promotes the growth of Georgia’s small businesses. It is the perfect conservative policy solution that empowers entrepreneurs to succeed rather than government picking “winners and losers” in the marketplace.

Thirty-one businesses have filed for the IGE since its inception, and it continues to grow each year.

Also, real estate crowdfunding firm GroundFloor recently left North Carolina’s Research Triangle to establish their headquarters in Atlanta, publicly calling Georgia “the ideal headquarters for GroundFloor” because of IGE.

Georgia’s small businesses and entrepreneurs have a bold champion in Secretary of State Brian Kemp.


The recent economic downturn has led to dramatic cuts across state government, especially in the Secretary of State’s Office. The divisions that handle professional licenses and corporate registrations have been severely impacted leading to longer call wait times and processing of requests.

Over the last several years, Kemp has worked tirelessly to find efficiencies and maximize the use of new technology to help mitigate the impact of these cuts on hardworking Georgians.

Kemp has merged call centers and overhauled internal processes to create efficiencies. He also hired a private sector technology firm to evaluate ways the Secretary of State’s office could better serve license holders and small businesses at a lower cost to taxpayers.

One of those technological solutions has been the launch of a new official website to maximize online services and accessibility.

Kemp also took bold steps to solve longstanding IT problems. When Kemp first took office, he discovered a corporate registration system with decades-old technology that crashed regularly. All of the data for Georgia’s corporations was at risk of a serious crash and possibly being lost permanently.

To respond to this threat, Kemp implemented in 2013 a new online corporate registration and renewal system.

The situation was dire and the quick transition did produce some challenges. However, Georgia’s corporate registration data is now safe and secure, and Kemp is continuing his efforts to upgrade and improve this critical system.

A conservative business owner, Secretary Kemp strongly believes in accountability and transparency – especially with Georgians’ hard-earned tax dollars.

That is why Kemp has been a leader in state government in implementing zero-based budgeting and streamlining his agency’s overall workforce and operations. To increase transparency, Secretary Kemp places both his zero-based budgeting plan and monthly expenditures on the agency website.

Brian Kemp treats every tax dollar as if it were his own, making sure every penny is spent responsibly.


With your support of Brian Kemp’s re-election as Secretary of State, what can you expect in the next four years?

You can expect more of the same conservative leadership that always does the right thing and respects taxpayers.

Secretary Kemp is currently working with leaders across the country to institute a Southeastern Presidential Primary date for 2016. Kemp’s goal is to maximize the impact of Georgia’s voters from both parties in selecting the next President of the United States. Georgians will have their voices heard on major issues, and may have a chance to personally meet their Presidential candidates over the next two years, thanks to Kemp’s efforts.

As part of his continued efforts to provide quality e-government solutions, Kemp is already working on enhancements to the corporations website that will make it more secure and easier to use, including accessibility on mobile devices.

Secretary Kemp continuously works with small businesses, investors and his Securities Division to identify new measures to protect consumers and increase opportunities for business growth in Georgia.

Kemp will also continue to seek out new efficiencies and new technological solutions to save time and money for Georgia taxpayers.

Four years ago, Georgia trusted Brian Kemp to serve as Secretary of State. He has repaid that trust with hard work, common sense solutions, and conservative leadership.

If you trust him again this November, Secretary of State Brian Kemp will continue to fight for secure, accessible, and fair elections, for a Georgia that remains the #1 state in the country to operate a business, and for the best government services at the lowest cost possible to taxpayers.

Brian Kemp delivers the common sense, conservative leadership Georgia deserves.